A key to success: Stop working so hard

Gena Gilcrease
2 min readJan 29, 2021


Sure, you have big dreams.

There are things you want to accomplish and help the world. Reach your success.

What is it?

I could speculate, but you already know it.

What! You’re not going to tell me? Why should I read your post?

Because I’m going to show you how to find that dream button.

No, you don’t have to start a big journal or do lots of exercises.

Just stop, right now.

Tune into your point of clarity, whatever you call it.

Right now. What do you want?

Writing success. Okay

Paid regularly for writing, lavishly. Okay.

A beautiful home. Okay.

To travel the world. Okay.

What if it was that easy?

That’s where you start.

I want you to write down what you want. Clearly and confidently.

Then write: okay. Or Done.

Hey, I don’t see it.

Not quite that easy.

Now work back from that.

I have writing success.

What becomes before that?

I clearly state and believe that: I have writing success.

What comes before that?

I’m writing daily, lightly, with joy.

What comes next?

I submit my blogs to Medium. Post to other blogs.

I outline an idea I have for a book.

And it goes like that.

Let go of the struggle.

Then you start taking your dreams seriously.

But lightly!

Because it’s already done.

You’re not striving to get somewhere.

You are somewhere.

Like maps that have an insert: You are here.

This is your north star, your guideline, your touchstone.

The North Star, Polaris, stays in the same place.

As sailors for centuries have found their place by finding and following this star, so it can be for you.

Now if I had started out by saying let’s write a mission statement, that would have shut down right there.

An easier word than mission: Your calling.

What is calling you? Calling you by your name, that whispers in your ear.

Listen to it. Believe it. Cherish it. Honor it.

Your North Star is calling you. Not yelling at you, not browbeating you.

Not just any writing.

Writing that is exactly your own. Your stories. Your voice needs to be heard.

What is calling you to be written?

Stop and listen.

What are your interests?

Read those blogs. Write for those places.

Not just generic, not just advice. Your true voice.

No less than your purpose on this earth.

Follow your North Star.



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